A good rule for thrusting

There’s something many wise instructors in the modern day and the past taught as a good rule for thrusting. Some would say only thrust in this situation, while many would say it’s an ideal situation to be thrusting in. Some don’t mention it at all but I think it’s definitely worth addressing. So, without further … Continue reading A good rule for thrusting

Those who overswing

You’ve heard of overreaching but have you heard of overswinging? It seems straightforward right, if you swing you can overswing. Anything you can do, you can overdo. The principle is rather straightforward but, as with many things in sword fighting, it’s easier to understand in theory than apply to your own fights. Maybe you need … Continue reading Those who overswing

Panic blockers—a word of advice

What’s the safest thing you can do in sword fighting? Surely it’s to block all the time. Surely if you do nothing but block, you’re safer than if you do anything else. Yeah, nah. So a thing I find many new swordsmen, or many amateur swordsmen, do is block too much. It doesn’t sound like … Continue reading Panic blockers—a word of advice

Why I love rebattas

I’ve been meaning to talk about rebattas for a while. Like years. Still, you’ve survived without them. And that’s the thing—rebattas aren’t necessary in swordsmanship, but they’re certainly lots of fun, and they’re something everyone should learn. What is a rebatta? What is it to rebat another’s blade? Essentially, it’s a form of counter cut … Continue reading Why I love rebattas

Why I hate the Duplieren but it works anyway

Strong way to start a blog post if you ask me. Nevertheless, the Duplieren happens to be a technique in German longsword that is fundamentally at odds with every underlying philosophy of sword fighting I identify with, yet it still works. It even works for me when I don't realise I'm doing it but how … Continue reading Why I hate the Duplieren but it works anyway

What’s the most important thing in sword fighting?

It's time to combat a few old myths and give an opinion on the single most important thing in sword fighting. Is it strength? Agility? Speed, surely? Or something more...? To those of you who study and practice HEMA, I doubt my answer will come as a surprise but let's get into it. Is it … Continue reading What’s the most important thing in sword fighting?