Welcome to my website. Here I hope to share a bit more about myself with the people who are interested. You can follow my blog here to hear my thoughts on history, writing and why we should all be reading Gaelic poetry. But for now, a bit more about me personally.

Ancient History, sword fighting, juggling, surfing—let’s just say I have an eclectic set of interests. I think I’ve been coming up with original stories ever since my brother and I got our hands on a camcorder and went through a home movie phase. I may not have always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve always loved telling a good story.

I originally wanted to be a historian so went to university and studied Ancient Greek and Latin. Of course, doing an Arts degree meant there was plenty of room for other subjects like Psychology and Creative Writing as well as plenty of time to get up to mischief… the kind of mischief like writing a novel.

I started my first novel, Ariadne, in my first year of university and somewhere between then and my final year I realised I wanted to write Historical Fiction for a career. At the end of my degree, when one of my lecturers approached me to do Honours, it was a tough decision to tell him no. I had decided, however, if I was going to spend a year of my life eating noodles and working on a masterpiece—it was going to be for something I really wanted to do.

And now here I am. A few years later with only a few slight detours, Ariadne is finished and now available, published through an upstart publishing company close to my heart called Brothers Twin. I may eventually return to academia but I don’t regret a second of trying to pursue my dream. See my page on Ariadne for more detail.

But enough about me, I’m keen to hear about you. Feel free to contact me on Facebook @danielagnewauthor, Twitter @danagnewauthor or use the contact page for other alternatives.

Slan go foill,